Thursday, December 3, 2009...2:30 pm

Journalism job ads: not for actual jobs any more #2

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After last week’s unmissable, $30 a month opportunity to write for a potential audience of 24 million, how about this ad for a “Home based internet researcher”?

For some reason, though the deadline hadn’t passed when I first grabbed the ad, the ad was dropped from before the stated closing date. Maybe 63336 Limited has been inundated with eager, degree-level candidates who want to provide answers to questions for “an attractive, performance-based pay structure”.

The company’s web site does claim that:

63336 has very high standards – only 1 in 10 applications is successful

So that could be it.

AQA (originally “Any Question Answered”) is a mobile phone-based service that allows you to send questions by SMS while you’re getting hammered in the pub and receive witty and well-thought-out answers from a legion of home-based researchers.

I have no idea what “an attractive, performance-based pay structure” means. Not “a salary”, that’s for sure – which is why this ad qualifies for this strand of posts.

It does sound quite fun though. I was almost tempted to apply – but then it was removed early, so I couldn’t.

More job ads for jobs that aren’t actually jobs as they show up…

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