Wednesday, November 23, 2011...11:54 am

BBC sub-editing quality #fail

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Oh dear – journalism undergraduate workies at the BBC? Or maybe just someone under 30 editing the Radio 4 programme pages.

From the current Woman’s Hour Drama page, a classic “who’s/whose” muddle. Why, oh why, oh why, BBC…



  • That’s nothing. Check out item two in the Guardian’s apologia list yesterday:

  • Where are the senior editors, one wonders, when this kind of sub-standard English is published by an institution supposedly known for its professional approach? They are not alone, alas. One professional colleague in journalism has a section headed “photo’s” on the front page of his website.

  • Busy doing something else, I imagine – certainly no one can keep up with the volume of content on a huge site like the BBC.

    The real problem is the death of the sub-editor. Fewer of them, and fewer people actually capable of doing a real sub’s job. Said granddad…

  • Woman’s hour drama is so insipid, banal errors like this might raise it to the dizzyingly dramatic heights of observing wet paint.

    I notice they have now corrected the errors.
    Did they acknowledge you ?
    Yes, of course they did.^_^

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